It’s a main goal for MUse to always stay ahead of the curve, and keep the discovery of cutting-edge talent as our primary focus. The Talent Acquisition Committee is responsible for discovering new talent that challenges boundaries, and provides something unique to not just Miami, but the industry as a whole. Recruiting opportunities within this committee are available via 6 subcommittees: models, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, photographers, and videographers.

All agents should have a instinctual eye for talent in one of the aforementioned categories of representation. Members of the Talent Acquisition Committee can expect to gain experience in personal brand consulting and facilitating professional development workshops. Above all, our agents have the rewarding power to spark the professional careers our student-artists’.


Members of the PR + Marketing Committee manage the innovative publicity and marketing strategies for the organization. This committee directly collaborates with our VP of Public Relations and Graphic Design Committee to advertise involvement opportunities, release parties, guest speakers, professional development workshops, and any other events of the like.

PR + Marketing Committee members possess a keen eye for aesthetics, and a strong understanding of social media and general marketing principles. Members can expect to gain a greater understanding of press releases, ad campaigns, advertising strategies, and general brainstorming techniques with experience on this committee.


The Event Planning Team cross-functionally works with all other committees to budget, brainstorm, and coordinate all official MUse events. This committee will produce functions like our semi-annual MUse Artist parties, charity events, and guest speaker panels- to name a few.

Members of this committee demonstrate strong interpersonal skills in order to effectively coordinate the many variables required for a well-executed event. Members should further have organized, diligent, and innovative tendencies. Event Planners can expect to advance their proficiency in professional communication, task management, and various Google applications through their experiences on this committee.


The Strategic Partnerships Committee is comprised of exceptionally professional individuals, each with a diverse network of connections. The committee’s main goal is to generate capital for the organization through sponsorships, endorsements, and fundraising. Members will network with industry professionals, local businesses, and on-campus organizations to create and sustain mutually beneficial relationships. The Strategic Partnerships Committee will place a particular emphasis on building an integrated relationship with MUF&D and UP Magazine.

Members of this committee will learn how to acquire and maintain relationships with sponsors, write and sell pitches, network with industry professionals, book guest speakers, and, above all, expand their personal social networks.


The Graphic Design Committee creates all promotional content that has been tasked by the PR + Marketing Committee. Our graphic designers are creative individuals with proficiency in Adobe and Canva software. They have a intuitive aesthetic and a strong understanding of the MUse brand. Their work will be proudly featured across campus via print, television, merchandise, and social media.


The Finance Committee is responsible for the fundamental role of budgeting. This committee will determine the organization’s semesterly budget by collaborating with the MUse Executive Team and all its committees. The MUse Finance Committee is comprised of organized, detail-oriented students that demonstrate an expertise in Google Sheets. The pinnacle of the Finance Committee’s role will take place during the planning of the annual New York City networking trip and its encompassing events.